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M901 Mission Statement

By all means available, we impact the community around us in ways that bring about lasting change, perpetuating beyond our actions. Our collective goal is to render service and assistance to people in need based upon philanthropic and charitable objectives, and perform other such other charitable activities for the purpose of making lives better, and thereby making  our communities a better place to live.

Support of Marine Corps JROTC

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program plays an important role in the success of America’s children and its communities. There are three Marine Corps JROTC programs in our area, which represents an incredible opportunity for us. Since its inception, the JROTC program provides youth with much needed skills in citizenship and leadership. They focus on developing character, self-confidence, discipline, citizenship, leadership skills, and a sense of responsibility within each individual Cadet.  JROTC is designed to develop those traits most sought after by colleges, universities, and employers alike. We provide numerous opportunities for the Cadets to participate in community service activities, learning just how rewarding this can be. We also partner with them during the busy Toys for Tots season, where together we enjoy the many blessings of our generous community. Additionally, this summer we have funded opportunities for six cadets from these three programs to spend a week on the Campus of ASU for the AZ Youth Leadership Conference at the end of June. If you would like to support these Cadets and the Marine Corps JROTC program with your time or with a donation, please contact us through the “contact us” link here on the website, or visit our donor page to make your contribution. Thank you in advance for your interest and support of these future leaders of our communities.
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Veteran/Community Financial Assistance

Maintaining a ready fund of assistance money allows us to meet many of the immediate needs of veterans and other qualified individuals from our community who find themselves in financial distress. By partnering with other local veteran and community based charitable organizations, we are able to assess and efficiently distribute funds to all who make us aware of their financial needs. Proper vetting and record keeping are critical functions accomplished as well, which ensure our limited assets achieve as much impact as possible. Our message to those receiving assistance: “We offer a hand up, not a hand out.”
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Toys for Tots in Pinal County

USMCR Toys for Tots mission states that “Every child deserves a little Christmas,” and so do we. This year by volunteering to man collection points to provide information about the program and through supporting our local coordinator and her team with sorting and screening efforts, we aim to deliver more toys to more kids than were distributed during the 2017 Christmas Season. While last year’s results were outstanding, there may still have been some children in Pinal County who were not reached. Please help us this year in any way you can, as we endeavor once again to make sure “Every child has a little Christmas.”

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